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Women in Innovation: Spotlighting 12 Female Founders in Food, Beauty, Supplements, and Pet Food

Discover the inspiring journeys of 12 female founders who are reshaping industries and driving innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. From the food and beverages sector to natural supplements, beauty and cosmetics, and pet food, these visionary women are breaking barriers and making a positive impact. Join us as we celebrate their remarkable achievements and share their inspiring stories of entrepreneurship, empowering the next generation of innovators and highlighting the importance of diversity in business.

Remarkable Achievements in Food Tech: Spotlight on Female Founders Leading Innovation and Diversity

In an industry historically dominated by male entrepreneurs, it's time to shift our focus to the remarkable accomplishments of female founders in the food tech sector. These visionary women are at the forefront of driving innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Here at BoortmaltX, we are excited to showcase the extraordinary contributions of 12 inspiring female founders who are reshaping the future of the food and beverages, natural supplements, beauty and cosmetics, and pet food industries. Join us as we celebrate their success stories and find inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Lori Goff - Revolutionizing Waste Management with Outlander Materials

Headquarters: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Founded in 2018

Activity: New materials development

Meet Lori Goff, the co-founder of Outlander Materials, a biotech company revolutionizing waste management by addressing the plastic waste crisis. With a background in biotechnology and circular startup advisory, Lori is dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. Inspired by her studies and passion for home brewing, Lori discovered the potential of utilizing beer waste and other food industry by-products to create novel materials.

2. Isabella Iglesias-Musachio - Cultivating a Fungi-based Future with Bosque Foods

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founded in 2020

Activity: Next generation meat alternatives

Introducing Isabella Iglesias-Musachio, the co-founder of Bosque Foods, a pioneering company harnessing the natural power of fungi to create the next generation of meat alternatives. With a passion for sustainable agriculture, Isabella recognized the potential of mycelium—the hidden part of mushrooms—as a game-changing ingredient.

3. Dr. Sara Marquart - Pioneering Sustainable Food at Planet A Foods

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Founded in 2021

Activity: Sustainable chocolate production

Meet Dr. Sara Marquart, the Co-Founder and CTO of Planet A Foods, a groundbreaking company focused on producing sustainable food ingredients decoupled from limited resources and exploitation. Through proprietary fermentation technology, Planet A Foods recreates the flavors and fats found in our favorite foods using plant-based ingredients.

Revolutionizing the Pet Food Industry: Nourishment, Sustainability, and Innovation

Continuing our celebration of female founders in the food tech industry, we now shift our focus to the remarkable pioneers shaping the pet food landscape. These visionary women have leveraged their expertise in nutrition, sustainability, and innovation to create transformative solutions for our beloved pets. Discover three extraordinary female founders who are revolutionizing the pet food industry, driven by their commitment to nourishment, sustainability, and the well-being of our beloved furry companions.

4. Pernilla Turner - Transforming Pet Nutrition with Sustainable Meat Proteins at Bond Pet Foods

Headquarters: Boulder - Colorado, USA

Founded in 2017

Activity: Sustainable pet food development

Meet Pernilla Turner, the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Bond Pet Foods, a groundbreaking company redefining pet nutrition through sustainable meat proteins. With a deep understanding of the environmental impact of traditional meat production, Pernilla and her team employ innovative processes inspired by craft brewing to harvest nature-identical proteins from chicken, turkey, beef, and more.

5. Keri Gans - Peterra Kitchen®: Plant-forward Pet Nutrition for a Healthy Companion

Headquarters: Brooklyn - New York, USA

Founded in 2017

Activity: Plant-based pet treats

Introducing Keri Gans, the co-founder of Peterra Kitchen®, a pioneering plant-forward pet food company dedicated to nourishment, sustainability, and fun. As a human Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a passionate advocate for healthy living, Keri brings her expertise to the world of pet nutrition.

6. Anja Skodda - HAPPYBOND: Enhancing Pet Health and Happiness through Scientific Innovation

Headquarters: Venice - California, USA

Founded in 2018

Activity: Science-backed pet supplements, treats and food

Meet Anja Skodda, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of HAPPYBOND, a trailblazing company dedicated to the overall health and happiness of pets. With a background in biotechnology and a heartfelt desire to help her own dog, Anja developed a breakthrough collagen formula that supports joint and hip cartilage.

Empowering Wellness and Health: Female Founders Revolutionizing the Natural Supplements Industry

In the dynamic world of natural supplements, women entrepreneurs are driving innovation and empowerment. These remarkable female founders have harnessed their expertise and personal experiences to create groundbreaking solutions that enhance well-being and vitality. Join us as we explore the journeys of three inspiring female founders who are revolutionizing the natural supplements industry with their commitment to quality, holistic health, and empowering individuals on their wellness journeys.

7. Rebekah Brown - MPowder: Empowering Women with Whole-Food Led Menopause Support

Headquarters: London, England

Founded in 2019

Activity: Plant-based supplement powder

Meet Rebekah Brown, the visionary founder of MPowder, an award-winning whole-food led powder range designed for each stage of menopause. With a belief in the transformative power of the right nutrients at the right moment, Rebekah has crafted a range of supplements targeting the distinct biochemical stages of menopause.

8. Samia Gore - Body Complete Rx: Plant-Based Supplements for Holistic Wellness

Headquarters: Reston - Virginia, USA

Founded in 2017

Activity: Plant-based supplements

Introducing Samia Gore, the founder and CEO of Body Complete Rx, a pioneering brand offering plant-based supplement systems tailored to support holistic wellness journeys. As a busy mother of four, Samia understood the challenges of self-care and embarked on a mission to create a comprehensive range of plant-based products that would enhance vitality and nourish the body.

9. Sarah Radal - ARMRA: Revitalizing Health with Colostrum

Headquarters: Brooklyn- New York, USA

Founded in 2020

Activity: Colostrum supplements

Meet Sarah Radal, the founder and CEO of ARMRA, a revolutionary company focused on revitalizing health through the power of colostrum. As a double board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in environmental and functional medicine, Sarah recognized the profound impact of modern environmental factors on health outcomes.

Introducing Three Visionary Female Founders in the Beauty Industry

In the realm of beauty, visionary female founders are making waves with their innovative approaches and transformative products. Let's meet three inspiring entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the beauty industry with their dedication to quality, inclusivity, and empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

10. Dr. Marie Drago - Empowering Skin Health with Gallinée

Headquarters: London, England

Founded in 2016

Activity: Probiotic beauty products

Meet Dr. Marie Drago, a Doctor in Pharmacy and the mastermind behind Gallinée, a pioneering brand that harnesses the power of active probiotics and prebiotics to soothe, balance, and strengthen the skin microbiome. Driven by her personal experience with a rare skin inflammation condition, Dr. Drago embarked on a journey to explore the potential of topical pre and probiotics in managing skin inflammation.

11. Dr. Roshini Raj - Transforming Skincare with Probiotics and Superfoods at TULA

Headquarters: New York - New York, USA

Founded in 2014

Activity: Probiotic skincare products

Introducing Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenterologist, entrepreneur, and the visionary founder of TULA. With a deep understanding of the power of probiotics in both beauty and wellness, Dr. Raj has been at the forefront of probiotic research for over two decades. Inspired by the transformative impact of probiotics on her patients' internal health and radiant skin, she launched TULA in 2014.

12. Alice Lin Glover - Redefining Beauty for Women of Color with EADEM

Headquarters: New York - New York, USA

Founded in 2018

Activity: Vegan skincare products

Meet Alice Lin Glover, the visionary founder of EADEM, a beauty brand dedicated to women of color. Driven by a desire to create a brand that celebrates diversity and addresses the skincare needs of underrepresented communities, Alice embarked on a self-funded journey. With her Smart Melanin™ formulas, Alice combines heritage botanicals and clean ingredients to care for skin of color. EADEM is setting a new standard of beauty that embraces inclusivity and empowers individuals to embrace their unique skin.

Celebrating Women in Innovation: Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, and Changemakers

As we reach the end of this blog, we take a moment to celebrate the remarkable women in innovation who have been spotlighted. These pioneers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers are reshaping industries, driving innovation, and inspiring the next generation of innovators. Through their remarkable achievements, they emphasize the importance of diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity in business.

BoortmaltX Accelerator

Our accelerator is more than just a stepping stone for startups - it's it's a dedicated launchpad for female entrepreneurs driving sustainable innovation.With a strong focus on inclusivity, we support startups that are committed to making a positive impact on the planet. By aligning with BoortmaltX, startups can not only grow their businesses, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a significant difference.

To learn more about our approach to sustainability, follow the journey here. You'll find comprehensive information about how we make a difference.

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