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Unlocking the potential of malt, together.

Partner with the biggest malting company in the world. Leverage corporate assets to boost your business or research and create the future of malt together.

The potential of malt
  • Protein rich
  • Accessible nutrients
  • Essential amino acids
  • Tasty
  • Valuable side streams
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable
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BoortmaltX brings malt beyond beverages, together with you

Select your business line or specific malt application focus of your research below and discover more on how to work together with Boortmalt

Plant Based Milk
Plant Based Meat
Natural Sweetener
Sport Supplements
Nutritious Pet Food
Industrial Scale Fertilizer
Beauty & Hair Care
Plant Based Leather
Fish Feed
Health and digestion are key motivators for consumers to shift towards dairy-free products.

The wonders of malt

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Malt as a great ingredient in plant-based dairy alternatives.

Rising health concerns on processed foods brings customers back to super foods, among which ancient grains.

The wonders of malt

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Malting is making ancient grains more accessible, characterized as a natural and nutritious ingredient

Health, sustainability and animal welfare concerns are motivations for shifting towards plant-based alternatives.

The wonders of malt

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Malt applications can be used as a natural, nutritious and sustainable ingredient for plant-based meals.

Nuanced consumer preferences for sugar reduction and sugar taxes drives a transition towards sweeteners.

The wonders of malt

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Malt (extract) can be used as a natural and nutritious alternative sweetener to sugar.

Growing demand for sports nutrition

Often sports nutrition or performance beverages contain quite some  artificial ingredients.

Clean label sport nutrients

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Malt is a natural, personalizable and sustainable ingredient for sport supplements. It has a unique flavour and natural sweetness combined with energy boosting characteristics.

Search for premium products in the pet food market

Pet owners aspire to have equal, or sometimes more, levels of health and wellness for their pets as they do for themselves. Just as people have dietary needs that require supplements, pets do as well. Better supplements are in high demand as animal health awareness rises.

Natural, high protein and nutritious pet food

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Fill the consumer demand for natural and sustainable ingredients in pet food. Leverage the nutritious & energetic value of malt.

Cost & impact on the environment

3% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of industrial nitrogen fertilizers. Natural gas accounts for 70%-90% of the operating costs of making fertilizer, and natural gas prices have skyrocketed.

Waste water sludge as a fertilizer in agriculture

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Wastewater biosolids are nutrient-rich organic solids which have the potential to be used as fertiliser or soil amendment.

Beauty & Hair Care

Consumers require beauty and hair care products to fit their skin type, individual concerns and needs.

Malt as a natural and sustainable alternative

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Malt is a natural ingredient which is highly personalizable, traceable & vegan.

Transformation towards recyclable packaging

In 2019, the total volume of packaging waste generated was estimated at 79.3 million tonnes – an increase of 2.4 % compared with 2018.

67% of consumers say it’s important that products they purchase be packaged in recyclable material. Around 74% of consumers say they are willing to pay an additional amount for products in sustainable packaging.

Consumers desire recycable packaging.

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Reduce the plastic waste problem with sustainable and biodegradable packaging made from malt by-products.

Leather production is an intense process

From the raising and eventual slaughter of the animals to tanning and dyeing the hides up to the skilled craftsmanship.

The wonders of mycelium

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Malt by-products as substrate for mycelium grown leather. Malting infrastructure to be leveraged for production of mycelium.

Fish are still being fed fish...

Farmed fish and seafood are being fed wild-caught fish. 20% of wild caught fish is turned into fish meal and fish oil, while 90% of these fish are perfect for human consumption.

The wonders of malt

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Plant based protein is a future solution for sustainable fish and animal feed.

Malt extract

The soluble material that can be extracted from malt

Malt extract contains nutritious, sustainable and valuable ingredients like amino acids and natural sugars that can be used for sport supplements, hair and beauty products, pet food and others.


The underground root-like structure of fungi

Grown on a malt byproduct, mycelium can be used for plant based leather, packaging, soundproofing and more.

Plant-based protein

A plant based substance with very high protein content.

Can be used as a sustainable, plant-based alternative protein in food applications but also for animal feed like aquaculture feed and pet food.

Amino acids & peptides

Amino acids & peptides

Accessible thanks to the malting process, amino acids and peptides can be used for hair and beauty products, sport supplements and others.

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BoortmaltX is an initiative of

As Masters of Malt, our goal is to be the best Malting company in the world.

  • 27 Malting plants
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