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We offer up capital and deep expertise to help your startup scale to an industrial level.

The potential of malt
  • Protein rich
  • Accessible nutrients
  • Essential amino acids
  • Tasty
  • Valuable side streams
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable
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Access to funding

Kickstart your journey with BoortmaltX to create a new & unique product and validate whether you can leverage the corporate assets. Get up to 50k funding via convertibles.

50K cash

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We collaborate with your startup through 3 different phases

1. Pilot stage

During the pilot phase startups get up to €50k in equity based funding in return for 6% equity.

In later phases, there is the possibility to get an additional €250K in the launch phase, and another €1.5M in the scale phase.

Discover later phases
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Business acceleration

Grow your business with the help of seasoned startup builders in product design, marketing, and finance.

50K in kind*

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We partner with startup experts to bring your product to market

Product validation

Learn to use lean methodology to validate your most concrete user & business assumptions.

What do you get?
  • 10 customer interviews
  • Business intelligence
  • Top notch commercial pitch
Business model

Gain access to go-to-market experts who will help you build your go-to-market and marketing plan.

What do you get?
  • Unit economics forecast & models
  • Production cost forecast & modelling
Go to market

Design & execute your first sales & marketing test and find early adopters for your product.

What do you get?
  • Estimated customer acquisition costs
  • Estimated lifetime value
  • 10 client intro's
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Access to R&D and labs

Tap into Boortmalt's expertise, production power, and global network to grow your startup, build strategic partnerships and gain a competitive edge in the market.

50K in kind*

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We help you with the science behind the product development

Dedicated scientific support

Each startup entering our program is assigned a dedicated scientist & product development expert.

Access to labs

With Labs & facilities all across the world, Boortmalt allows you and your team to conduct research & experiment at one of its labs.

Supercharged product development

The accelerator assigns you a dedicated food engineer. Focus on your product development and get concrete guidance when needed

*€100k in kind subject to approval of Boortmalt

Why choose BoortmaltX?

Our deep knowledge in food technology and scaling food production makes us the ideal partner for your company's transition from startup to industrial scale.

Why is Boortmalt doing this?

At Boortmalt, we believe in a future where consumers make greener, healthier choices when it comes to food, cosmetics & supplements. We also believe we can help build that future in partnership with the best startups by leveraging the fermentation technologies at the core of our R&D.


Views on science and innovation in addressing problems in the food system

Hartman group 2022 report


Believes science and technology are our best hope to address climate change

Hartman group 2022 report


Of consumers like trying food produced in innovative ways

Hartman group 2022 report

An Unseen Nutritional Value

Explore the remarkable nutritional potential of our co-product, rootlets, derived from the malting process. Rootlets are rich in essential nutrients, offering a sustainable and valuable resource for various industries.

Malting, a Future-Proof Food Process

At BoortmaltX, we prioritise future-proof food processes, and malting stands at the forefront. Our meticulous malting process involves the germination and kilning of cereals, unlocking the inherent richness of grains while preserving their essential nutritional qualities.

Endless Possibilities with Malt Extract

Embark on a journey of culinary creativity with malt extract. From delightful confections to savory delights, the versatility of our malt extract knows no bounds.

Our current challenges

Natural cosmetics & hair care

Harness the potential of malt, a natural and sustainable ingredient, to create personalized beauty solutions that meet diverse skin type needs and more.

Pet food

Utilize malt's nutritious properties to respond to the growing demand for premium, natural, and high-protein pet food that enhances pet health and wellness.

Food & beverages

Address the need for natural, nutritious, and traceable ingredients in the F&B industry with malt - a flavorful, traceable, and vegan-friendly ingredient.

Natural food supplements

Meet the rising demand for natural and personalized nutrition supplements by employing malt, a sustainable, traceable, and adaptable solution for tailored food supplements.

Who should join BoortmaltX

BoortmaltX is the perfect fit for early-stage ventures with groundbreaking ideas
that align with our business lines or applications.

Engaged and collaborative founders

We are looking for founders fully dedicated to their startup, ideally devoting 100% of their time to it.

Early-Stage Ventures

We are focused on startups in pre-seed and seed-stage.

Technical expertise

We prioritize startups teams with IP or a technical founder in the team.

BoortmaltX is an initiative of
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With 2.5 billion euros in revenue, Boortmalt is the world biggest prouducer of malt supplying everyone from Stella Artois, to Budweiser and Corona.

#Malting plants
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