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PLEASE Share the name of YOUR company, the legal form as well as the  date THE COMPANY WAS FOUNDED. Feel free to INCLUDE any relevant information related to your company.

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What problem do you want to solve? What is the size of the problem (please quantify) and potential impact on our planet? Is there any assumptions validated around the problem?

Question 3

Can you describe your product/service and the possible technology involved? What is your value proposition? How do you integrate sustainability into your solution?

Question 4

Who is your target audience? What are their main PAIN points and what alternative solution do they use today? Describe their user journey.

Question 5

How big is the customer segment? Where is your main playground and what market could you target as a next step? How would you describe your time-to-market?

Question 6

What revenue streams have you identified? Do you have an economic model or a shared value model with other players of the ecosystem? Is there any economies of scale you can CAPITALIZE ON THROUGH growing your activities?

Question 7

Do you have any direct and/or indirect competitors? How do you differentiate FROM THEM ? What is your unfair advantage? Do you have any IP PROTECTION? Do YOU see any potential new players entering the market in the future?

Question 8

Who is your founding team? What profile do they have and how complementary are they? What is your shared vision and HOW do you make sure you can deliver it?


Can you describe your proof of concept and/or the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) you built ? Do you have any sign from a market traction, like early adopters and maybe a first customer base ?

Question 10

Did you raise any fundS so far ? What is your cap table? Do you have a pre-money and post-money value ?

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