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How to choose the right accelerator or incubator?

Choosing the right food tech accelerator can be a significant boost to your startup's growth and success. Consider these key factors when evaluating different accelerator programs to find the best fit for your company.

Focus and expertise

Choose an accelerator with a strong track record in food tech. Research the accelerator's previous participants, their success stories, and the specific areas of food tech they focus on (e.g. ag-tech, sustainable alternatives, food processing, or food delivery). The more experience they have with your type of startup, the better.

Mentorship opportunities and network

Look for programs with a strong mentorship component and a wide network of industry professionals, investors, and alumni. This can open doors for future collaborations, partnerships, and funding opportunities.

Duration and structure of the program

Accelerator programs vary in duration and structure. Some may last for a few weeks, while others can take several months. Evaluate the duration and structure of the program to ensure it aligns with your startup's needs and goals. Consider the balance between mentorship sessions, workshops, and networking events, as well as the level of commitment required from your team.

Funding and equity

Evaluate the funding opportunities provided by each program. Some food tech accelerators offer funding in exchange for equity in your startup. Carefully assess the funding amount and the equity stake the accelerator requires, ensuring that the terms are fair and align with your startup's long-term objectives.

Location and facilities

Although many accelerators have shifted to virtual or hybrid models, the location can still be a significant factor. Being in close proximity to industry hubs and potential partners can be advantageous for networking and growth. Additionally, consider the facilities provided by the accelerator (e.g. coworking space, laboratories, and equipment).

Application process and selection criteria

The application process and selection criteria for food tech accelerators can be highly competitive. Ensure that your startup meets the eligibility requirements and has a compelling pitch to increase your chances of continuing to the next stage. Consider the application timeline and deadlines, as well as the selection criteria, such as the team's experience, the viability of the product or service, and the potential for growth and scalability.

Cultural fit and values

Finally, make sure to choose an accelerator that aligns with your startup's values and vision. Research the accelerator's mission statement, core values, and the type of companies they typically support to get a better idea of whether or not it matches your startup's goals and aspirations.

Is BoortmaltX the right accelerator for you?

BoortmaltX is a corporate accelerator powered by Boortmalt - a leading global malt producer that specialises in the production and supply of high-quality malt products. With a production capacity of three million tonnes, 27 malting plants and a presence in five continents, Boortmalt’s reputation for producing top-quality barley malts is widely acknowledged by brewers, distillers, and food industries around the world.

BoortmaltX was launched with one simple goal: To unlock the power of malt. To accomplish this goal, the accelerator program aims to leverage Boortmalt’s global resources and industry expertise and partner with cutting-edge food tech startups to revolutionise the use of malt-related ingredients - all with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Startups that join the program benefit from access to:

  • Funding support to fuel business growth
  • World-class malt expertise and production power
  • The accelerator’s innovation testing centre and co-working space
  • A global partner network and salesforce

Sound intriguing? We’re currently scouting for cutting-edge startups that can help us build the future of malt. If this is you, be sure to check out our website for more details.


In conclusion, selecting the right food tech accelerator or incubator for your startup is essential to maximize growth and success. By considering factors such as focus and expertise, mentorship opportunities, program structure, funding and equity, location and facilities, application process, and cultural fit, you can find the program that best aligns with your startup's needs and goals. Ultimately, joining the right accelerator can be a game-changer, providing invaluable resources, connections, and support to help your food tech startup thrive and make a meaningful impact on the industry.

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